The SureDyna company



The Company name is SureDyna.

SureDyna comes from Sure + Dynamics : indeed, Safety should be part of a Dynamics based on continuous improvement, like Quality (this Dynamics mainly rests on experience feedback).

All nuclear consulting companies should consider this Dynamics to bring appropriate nuclear safety solutions.

The trade name SureDyna is a registered trademark.


According to its statutes, the company's purpose, both in France and abroad is:


The registered office of the company is located near Paris:

7 rue Sylvine Candas
F-92120 Montrouge


Legal form

SureDyna is a one partner simplified joint stock company with a capital of 8'000 euros.

It was registered on May 24th, 2012 at the Trade and Companies Register of Nanterre (France);

Founder and leader

The founder and CEO of SureDyna is Francis ROY.

Francis ROY is an internationally recognized professional of Nuclear Safety Expertise which he has exerted for 18 years, including 15 years with the Institut de Radioprotection et de Sûreté Nucléaire (IRSN) in Paris and 2 years with the Association Vinçotte Nuclear (AVN) in Brussels.

In particular, he assured safety evaluation of the final shutdown of SuperPhenix, directed and carried out many safety studies, in particular a comparison of various countries' methods for probabilistic evaluation of aircraft risk on nuclear installations.

Francis ROY graduated from École Centrale de Paris (ECP).


SureDyna can first take stock of your safety questions without engagement.

To make an appointment, please go to the next page: contact SureDyna.

Thereafter, if you wish, SureDyna will make you a proposal of optimal intervention as far as technically and ethically achievable following the rules.